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Fever & Thermal Screening System

for Coronavirus Detection

Now you can quickly and efficiently identify individuals with a fever! Our fever screening system allows you to detect people with elevated body temperature (a key symptom of coronavirus) and recognize their faces in public areas, such as offices, factories, schools, airports, hospitals, and more. It works without making body contact and takes only a second to screen the crowd, thus limiting the spread of COVID-19.


Need a fever screening system?

Detect People & Measure Temperature Automatically

Fever Screening Benefits

Accurately measure and detect skin temperature of any individual in the crowd

Temperature Scanning

Simultaneously screen large numbers of people anywhere, any time

Multi-Person Detection

In addition to fever detection, recognize faces and track identified individuals in the crowd

Face Recognition

Screen people without body contact to protect screening personnel

Social Distancing

Measure temperature and detect faces in seconds

Automated Screening

Our solution includes thermal camera, recognition and measurement software

All-In-One Solution

Need a fever screening system?


Fever Screening Is the Best Solution for Crowded Places


Anytime, Anywhere & Without Body Contact

Our fever screening system is a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures and fevers in high-risk groups, such as travelers, office and factory workers, students and shoppers.



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