Face Detection SDK

For Thermal Cameras & Systems

Detect human faces on video streams from thermal cameras quickly and efficiently. Measure body temperature, screen for fever, or simply improve your security system with the capacity to distinguish real people from photos and 3D masks.


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Detect Human Faces With Any Thermal Camera

How Thermal Face Detection Works

You’ll need to connect a thermal camera to your computer. Any thermal camera that’s sensitive enough for body temperature readings will work.

Step 1 - Thermal Camera

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Thermal Face Detection Is the Best Solution for Crowded Places


FaceSDK Works Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Thermal face detection technology is a vital tool that can help pinpoint elevated body temperatures and fevers in high-risk groups such as travelers, office and factory workers, students and shoppers.



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Receive images or videos taken by your thermal camera. If the thermal camera is installed in a public place, you will likely capture people in your images.

Step 2 - Images & Videos

Send your thermal camera imaging to FaceSDK for face detection. Our technology works in real time!

Step 3 - Detect Faces

Measure the skin temperature of any individual and screen for fever. Distinguish real people from photos or 3D masks. If a face is detected on a thermal image, you can be sure it’s a real, live person!

Step 4 - Measure Human Temperature

FaceSDK works with thermal cameras, not only dual cameras which combine thermal and visual streams.